On Tuesday 22nd of November at 12am we will have the following presentations:

Dilara Kim: „Automated glacier snowline mapping from multi-sensor satellite observation“, InnoLab, EURAC Research, Supervisor: Dr. Martina Barandun

Walid Ghariani: „PM2.5 Prediction Using Remote Sensing and Meteorological Data across Bavaria“, MSc Thesis Idea, Supervisor: Dr. Insa Otte, Dr. Michael Thiel

Helena Wehner: „Wild boar carcass Detection using thermal UAV in the Bavarian Forest National park“, Internship, Bavarian Forest National park, Supervisor: Dr. Marco Heurich, Janine Rietz

Helena Wehner: „Foraging Habitat Quantification for the Northern Bald Ibis in the Northern Alpine Foothills“, Internship, Waldrappteam Conservation & Research, Supervisor: Johannes Fritz

Annika Ludwig: „Grassland Management & Dolce Vita in South Tirol“, Internship, EURAC Research, Supervisor: Dr. Ruth Sonnenschein