Integrated Water Resources Management


Claudia Kuenzer





In this course you will gain a thorough understanding on the hirstory, current practices and challanges of Integrated Water Resources Management, simulatneously iluminating how remote sensing and GIS can support watrer resources management and Integrated River Basin Management. You will receive a deep insight into management practises and decision making processes in selected river basins globally, and will be enabled to judge, where, when and how Earth observation can play a role, and if it can contribute to ‘real world’ planning and decision making processes.


We will adress amongst others: Socio-ecological setting of selected river basins globally / challenges of transboundary river basins / upstream-downstream challanges in river basins / the role of coastal and river delta locations / definitions of water resources management / principles of Integrated Water Resources Management / principles of Integrated River Basin management / river basins infrastructure projects / decision making in water resources management in countries of different development level / impact of international donors on water resources management / Earth observation data: potentials and limitations to contribute to Integrated Water Resources Management / best practice examples of remote sensing data contributing to the management of resources / remote sensing for the monitoring of complicance


Visual approaches will be discussed and standards introduced.


Oral presentations approaches will be discussed and trained.


Different techniques and software options will be introduced and practically applied.



The content of scientific with regard to the audience will be discussed.

Course News and Updates


Our EAGLEs in 2018 visited the German Aerospace Center, namely the Earth Observation Center, close to Munich. Various topics were presented by DLR scientist and the EAGLEs hat the chance to discuss various topics in small groups with individual scientists.

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EAGLE Internships

On Monday, 24th of September, at 1pm the following internship reports will be presented: Bharath: "Installation and Characterization of an imaging Spectrometer for the UAV-based remote sensing" Johannes: "Crop classification based on S1/S2 in...

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EAGLE students coding with sweets

Today our EAGLE students applied data munging, pipes, plotting and statistics using colour distribution of sweets. They specifically used the dplyr, ggplot, kableExtra and others to compute derivatives, rearrange the data, plot it and run statistics on colour...

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