On Tuesday 20th of December at 12am we will have various presentations
  • MSc defense by Kevin Yomi on “Evaluation wildfire activity in conflict-affected areas using earth observation and panel regression models: a case study of Borno State, Nigera, from 2003-2020”


In addition, Helena Wehner, Luisa Wagner and Walid Ghariani will present on their internships or innovation labs.

  • Helena Wehner: „Foraging Habitat Quantification for the Northern Bald Ibis in the Northern Alpine Foothills”, Internship, Waldrappteam
    Conservation & Research, Supervisor: Dr. Johannes Fritz
  • Helena Wehner: „Wild boar carcass Detection using thermal UAV in the Bavarian Forest National park”, Internship, Bavarian Forest National park, Supervisor: Dr. Marco Heurich, Janine Rietz
  •  Luisa Wagner: Instance Segmentation of ice-wedge Polygons based on high-resolution RGB data; Internship at Alfred-Wegener-Institut
  • Walid Ghariani: ‘Remote Sensing Product development, the journey’ at SupervisionEarth


and we meet in room 01.105 Bibl- u Seminarzentrum.