EAGLE graduate program (M.Sc.)



Applied Remote Sensing Courses for the Environment.

An international M.Sc. study program at the University of W├╝rzburg in collaboration with the Earth Observation Center (EOC) of the German Aerospace Center (DLR-EOC)


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Applied Course Topics



EAGLE offers a wide range of courses on applied remote sensing data analysis for different environmental global challenges


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Remote Sensing of the Environment


browse through the specialized courses on monitoring our environment using remote sensing data

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Why apply to the EAGLE study program?


Explore the potential of Earth Observation for different applications such as mapping and analysis of agricultural, urban, coastal or ecological areas.


Apply remote sensing for conservation, coastal or land management and learn about its potential and challenges


Develop new innovative ideas that are bridging disciplines and bring Earth Observation data and methods into the application in various disciplines


Transfer your Earth Observation courses into practice. Apply your learned skills in practice either in projects within the study program, during internships or in your MSc thesis in collaboration with NGOs, IGOs or companies.


international study program, all courses in english


covering different applications of Earth Observation analysis


all Earth Observation topics are clearly focusing on applied applications


EAGLE is embedded in a global network of scientific and applied organizations through their lecturer

Want to learn how to apply remote sensing?

within geography, ecology, coastal, urban or land management or conservation?

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applied EArth Observation and Geoanalysis of the Living Environment

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