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    Tobias UllmannMichael ThielInsa OtteSarah Schoenbrodt-StittMirjana BevandaMartina WildeManinder Singh DhillonMartin Wegmann

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    For ALL presentations: check with your EAGLE lecturer or supervisor beforehand (!) if a date suits them. Do not let them be surprised by your presentation slot choice. If any information are obviously wrong or missing or wrong supervisors are entered, the application will not be processed further.

    Explanation for the different types:


    you have to do a roughly 10min presentation outlining the content of your internship and at the end you should summarize it with pros and cons for your fellow students. The main goal is to provide information to your fellow students if the internship can be recommended and what is expected from the host (e.g. programming or data knowledge)

    The internship is just “passed”, no grade is assigned. No supervisors but an EORC member (employee of the university) need to be present to verify the “passed” grade.

    Inno Lab:

    Inno Labs can be presented or a report can be done. It is similar to the internship, the only difference is that you need an EAGLE lecturer as supervisor because the Inno Lab is graded. Only one supervisor es required who has to be an EAGLE lecturer and JMU employee.

    MSc idea presentation:

    The MSc idea does not necessarily need to be presented anymore but the supervisors can instead require a document outlining the idea instead. Please check with your supervisor what is preferred.

    MSc thesis defense:

    The MSc thesis defense takes 30mins plus questions and is graded. The date has to be defined with your supervisors. The first supervisor needs to be an EAGLE lecturer and needs to be present. The defense has to take place in person in Wuerzburg.