On Monday, 24th of September from 1:30 onwards the following EAGLE students will present their M.Sc. idea. Everybody is welcome to join their presentations and to provide feedback: Julia: “Time-Series Analysis of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Imagery for Detection of active Morphodynamics in the Atacama Desert, Chile” Sarah: “Risk assessment for flood events based on remote sensing data – a case study for North-Rhine Westfalia, Germany” Louis: “Remote sensing of water quality using Sentinel-2 towards a potential separation of harmful algal blooms from other Algae” Bharath: “Assessing the development of circular irrigation in South Africa since 19*” Johannes: “Tracking crop penology based on S1-Time series” Sebastian: “Solar power potential in Portugal” Karsten: “An approach to optimize object-based classification: Mapping dead trees and gaps in Białowieża Forest” Marcus: “Deep learning for Instance Segmentation and a comparison to a Conventional Segmentation on historical aerial images of the Second World War” Fowad: “Drought Monitoring in University Forest with Hyper-Spectral And In-Situ Data”