some infos:

    Internship presentation:
    Main goal to inform fellow students what is expected (skills, coding etc.) by the hosting institution, what you have actually done and if you would recommend it. The internship is just passed/no passed. Approx. 10min.

    Inno Lab report/presentation:
    Similar to an internship but aimed to be more independent and research focused. Inno Lab can be submitted as report (or webpage post) to the EAGLE supervisor or a presentation can be asked for (please check with your supervisor). Either or the report or presentation should focus more on the actual research outcome in comparison to an internship. The inno lab is graded, hence you need a supervisor within EAGLE. The length of the report need to be discussed with your EAGLE supervisor. A presentation should be approx. 10min in length and the supervisor should of course be present. If you did your inno lab within another institution also a short feedback about it would be good, so that fellow students can decide if they want to go there as well.

    MSc idea report/presentation:
    Usually you just prepare a small report which outlines your MSc research ideas and which is iterated with your supervisor. Optionally if you need/want more input by fellow EAGLEs you can present it for 10mins and get feedback. It is not graded.

    MSc. defense:
    Presentation of your MSc. thesis and defending it. Supervisors need to be present and the presentation has to be 30min (sharp) plus max. 30min questions. It is graded.

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