A wide range of internships, innovation labs and M.Sc. idea presentations will take place next Monday (July 29th) in room 0.004, OKW 86. Everybody is invited to join the presentations and discussions:

Morning session (10am – 12pm):

  • Katrin Hasenbein (internship) – Geoanalysis and Remote Sensing in the (re)insurance industry
  • Katrin Hasenbein (inno lab) – Crop type classifications – combining phenological information and object-based segmentation
  • Anna Orthofer (internship) – Detection of small and medium sized surface Water bodies in Germany
  • Anna Orthofer (MSc idea) – Retrieving cutting Dates for grasslands and pastures based on Sentinel 2 and Landsat 8 Data

Afternoon session (2pm Р4pm): 

  • Felix Glasmann (inno lab) – An approach for shallow-water-mapping
  • Felix Glasmann (internship) – Global wildfire persistence
  • Silvan Steiner (MSc idea) – Improving the Global SnowPack using a flexible NDSI threshold
  • Mohamed Salim Soltani (inno lab) – Effect of UAV Flying Altitudes on Orthophoto Spectral Discrimination
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