After a long break due to covid we resumed the EAGLE visit of DLR EOC. Many EAGLEs from the current generation and quite some of the past (covid) generations joined this event and listened to many talks by DLR researchers. Some of the presenters were even former EAGLEs or PhD students from our Earth Observation research hub ( Afterwards Claudia Künzer organized a world-cafe style QA session with DLR employees and EAGLEs, so that a lot of questions could be asked and lively discussions could take place. Finally also a fun visit of GSOC was organized to see the ISS coordination in practice.

The talks were:

  • Towards the global Quantification of Permafrost Loss along Arctic Coasts by Marius Philipp
  • Multivariate Time Series for the Analysis of Land Surface Dynamics by Soner Üreyen
  • Towards an Improved LargeScale Gridded Population Dataset: A PanEuropean Study on the Integration of 3D Settlement Data into Population Modelling by Daniela Palacios Lopez
  • Mapping of hedges using deep learning by Jennifer Kriese
  • Earth Observation for Exposome Mapping The Potential of Remote Sensing for Geohealth Analytics by Patrick Sogno