On Monday, 30th of May, from 10am onwards, we will have the following presentations:

Ása Dögg (Inno-lab): 
“Potential of Sentinel-1 data for research and monitoring in Tröllaskagi peninsula, Iceland – Snow cover mapping using S-1 time series.”
Supervisors: Tobias Ullmann and Sebastian Buchelt.

Reagan Okoth (internship at DLR):
“Mapping areas treated with pesticides during the 2019-2021 locust upsurge in Africa and Asia.”

Sanaz Mohammadi (Internship):
“Upscaling biodiversity using Lidar and hyperspectral remote sensing.”

Caroline Busse (Master Thesis Idea)
“Change Detection Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series: A Comparison of Models for the Detection of Forest Disturbances in Germany.”
Supervisor: Tobias Ullmann