Felix Glasmann is presenting on Friday, 13th of December at 10am in room 1.009 OKW 86, his M.Sc. idea “Potential of the Firebird Mission for the Detection of Gas-flaring Activity”.

In times of worldwide phenomena like ‘Fridays for Future’ or ‘Extinction Rebellion’ it seems like there is rising awareness regarding the challenges an accelerating environmental change entails. Nevertheless, the environmental change is just one component of the Global Change; a mushrooming world population with hunger for a high standard of living is reality as well. This is inevitably leading to the question how to find an appropriate answer for this complex situation. No answer is found yet, but one part of the solution is certainly the more efficient and wise use of resources like fossil fuels.

Gas-flaring is the opposite: natural gas, a fossil fuel, is just wasted. Despite that, gas-flaring is still widespread. To assess the dimensions of gas-flaring for decision making, a solid approach for the detection of this practice is needed. The German Firebird-mission is providing the potential for this task and this M.Sc.-thesis-idea is investigating on an approach to do so. +

first supervisor Tobias Ullmann, second supervisor Frank Thonfeld

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