The upcoming book by our lecturer Jakob Schwalb-Willmann, Stefan Dech and Martin Wegmann on “Introduction to Spatial Data Analysis” with QGIS and first steps in R is available for pre-order – order now and get 30% discount.

This textbook aims at students and researchers without any prior knowledge of spatial data analysis. This book will cover all necessary steps for novice users to get started with spatial data analysis. The basics of spatial data (vector, raster, layers, coordinate systems etc.) are covered, as well as actually needed steps to collect field data, convert them into spatial formats, combine it with other spatial data and analyze this data.All steps will be done in QGIS, an open source graphical user interface for spatial data. All fundamental steps to achieve a first spatial data analysis project are outlined with clear explanations and screenshots of the software. The book will end with a first introduction into spatial data analysis with the command line, introducing R.more details here