EAGLE Science and Professional Trainings

Changing the way you work with Earth Observation data in your profession.

Access information for a wide variety of topics, get involved in a lively network and join our professional training courses on how to apply Earth Observation data in defined topics.

Training outside a M.Sc. program or beyond the M.Sc. level









Our Aims



overview of Earth Observation data per topic, as well as publications, developments and advances


we offer in-person training and discussion with leading scientists in this field, fostering the network among lecturer and attendees

Summer Schools

we offer intense training on various applied Earth Observation topics.



people, topics, data and applications

Applied Skills

we offer applied training to improve your Earth Observation skills and be able to apply it afterwards in your daily work

our professional trainings are still under construction

visit us soon again for news on 1-2 weeks summer/science schools for specific topics on applied remote sensing.


Agricultural Remote Sensing, Data, Resources, Methods and Trainings – read more


Agricultural Remote Sensing, Data, Resources, Methods and Trainings – read more


Coastal Remote Sensing, Data, Resources, Methods and Trainings


Forest Remote Sensing, Data, Resources, Methods and Trainings


Agricultural Remote Sensing, Data, Resources, Methods and Trainings


Remote Sensing for Hydrologie, Data, Resources, Methods and Trainings


Soil Remote Sensing, Data, Resources, Methods and Trainings


more Remote Sensing, Data, Resources, Methods and Trainings to come

Frequently Asked Questions

Our EAGLE professional trainings aims at providing a “point-of-contact” as well as a “point-of-information” for various topics of applied Remote Sensing such as Agriculture, Urban, Coastal or Ecology Research. These activities provide news and updates, as well as a network of people and professional trainings. These trainings are intense 1-2 week schools aiming at PhDs, PostDocs and professionals working in science or application, such as NGOs or GOs.

Who does it aim at?

The EAGLE Pro training and Science Network aims primarily at PhDs and PostDocs interesting to learn or deepen their knowledge in the respective topics with regard to remote sensing. However, any professional or gradudate student can apply and all applications will be assessed by the organizers.

What is the aim of these activities?

These activities aim at:

  • offering information about defined Earth Observation applications, such as urban remote sensing. Relevant data sets, newest developments, publications and contacts to scientists working in this field are provided
  • offering Professional Training within 1-2 weeks on defined Earth Observation applications.
  • offering a network opportunity to meet and discuss Earth Observation applications.
How is it linked to the EAGLE program?

The Professional Trainings, network and information pages are tightly linked with the EGALE MSc study program, but offer training, network and information opportunity for people not interested to pursue (another) MSc degree. Hence, these activities aim at professionals, such as PhD, PostDoc or scientists and practitioners working in a variety of organizations.

How often do you offer Professional Trainings?

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Who will be the trainers?

The trainers are scientists at the University of Wuerzburg and the DLR, as well as international colleagues……