EAGLE Internships

EAGLE Internships

On Monday, 24th of September, at 1pm the following internship reports will be presented:

“Installation and Characterization of an imaging Spectrometer for the UAV-based remote sensing”

“Crop classification based on S1/S2 in sub-Sahara Africa”

“Remote Sensing of Water Quality at Brockmann Consult”

“Urbanization of the Korean peninsula – an internship in the georisk and civil security department of DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen”

New MSc thesis: Time series analysis in Colombian Orinoco Basin

New MSc thesis: Time series analysis in Colombian Orinoco Basin

Pilar Endara started her M.Sc. thesis on “Time series analysis of flooding and vegetation patterns in wetlands of the Colombian Orinoco Basin”

The ecosystems that are present within Colombian Orinoquia flooded savannas are currently being threatened by conversion of natural systems into intensive rangelands with introduced pastures, croplands and palm oil plantations. The loss of natural floodplain ecosystems has serious negative impacts on several important ecosystem services such as habitat quality for biodiversity, long-term carbon sequestration and water regulation.

In addition, this region’s natural vegetation endures strong intra-annual hydrological regimes, which in turn may affect the productivity, and consequently, the region’s carbon dynamics. Therefore, the objective of this thesis is to understand how, and if, the vegetation productivity in this area varies along the year, taking into account the strong hydrological variability.

The results of this thesis are going to be integrated with information from WWF Colombia to provide stakeholders and decisions-makers a tool that will allow them to assess for best practices of land use planning and land management.

First supervisor is Claudia Künzer, second supervisor is Martin Wegmann

Internship, Innovation Lab and MSc idea presentations

Internship, Innovation Lab and MSc idea presentations

The following students presented their innovation labs, internships and ideas for MSc. thesis:
Ahmed: ‎
Innovation Lab at DLR (team of Ursula Gessner) and Master Thesis Idea:
Title: Status of Agricultural Lands in Egypt using Earth Observation
Maninder (at DLR, Demmin):
Internship: To find a best fit model by comparing various Evapotranspiration  models using the weather station data for Toitz station, Germany
Thesis idea: comparing the performace of different crop growth models using synthetic remote sensing data at Demmin, Germany
Thesis idea: Time series analysis of flooding and vegetation patterns in wetlands of Colombian Orinoco Basin
EAGLE summer dialogue 2018

EAGLE summer dialogue 2018

Our 2018 EAGLE summer dialogue took place last Friday, 22nd of June and was a great place to meet all students, lectures, staff of the department and quite some external guests from all around Europe. Thanks to our EAGLE organizers and all the external guests coming to Würzburg to enjoy an evening of BBQ. We are also grateful to our guest who spend time with our students discussing future opportunities of internships, MSc thesis or job applications. Quite some business cars were exchanged.

We are very much looking forward to the 2019 EAGLE summer dialogue with probably even more students and guests!


This year, Dr. Rene Colditz from the European Commission joined the EAGLE summer dialogue as keynote to outline his career path from being a student in Würzburg to being a policy offer. Rene studied Geography in Würzburg, continued with his PhD on MODIS land cover classification under the supervision of Stefan Dech before working for CONABIO, Mexico, for nearly 10 years as a remote sensing specialist. Now he works as policy officer at the European Commission, DG CLIMA, C3 Land use and Finance for Innovation in Brussels, Belgium.

Internship and Innovation Lab presentations

Internship and Innovation Lab presentations

Today some of our EAGLE students presented their internship and innovation laboratory projects. Very interesting topics and they obviously applied and deepened their remote sensing knowledge a lot.

Julia Sauerbrey:  Prediction of Organic Matter Content from Sentinel-2 Imagery in Germany

Marina Reiter: Conservation in Tasmania: Green Leaf Project and World Class Reserve Systems

Sarah Nolting: Regional Scale Statistical Mapping of Snow Avalanche Likelihood and its Combination with an Optical Remote Sensing Based Avalanche Detection Approach – First Attempts for the Province of South Tyrol (Italy)