EAGLE Courses

Mandatory course

mandatory courses in the 1st and 2nd semester cover basic skills for Earth Observation research

Applications of Earth Observation

the application courses offer a more in-depth study of various Earth Observation applications:

Advanced Methods and Modeling

these courses aim to deepen you knowledge in methods for the application of Earth Observation:

Resource and Environment

courses to learn about Resources and Environment in Environmental Research

Soft Skills

courses to learn about scientific writing, presentation, project management and other topics relevant for Earth Observation research:

Exemplary course syllabus for different focus areas

some suggestions for optional courses for different focus areas are listed on the EAGLE specialization page

Recent News

Learn about EAGLE updates and general news

courses on permafrost earth observation

courses on permafrost earth observation

What is the relevance of permafrost? What effects does the degradation of permafrost have on Arctic environments? How can satellite earth observation be utilized to monitor and quantify these effects? Addressing these questions was the focus of a recent hackathon week...

EAGLE applications and student statistics

EAGLE applications and student statistics

We get constantly increasing number of applications and of course we are interested who is applying and who is actually starting our international Earth Observation MSc. program.   The percentage of women in our study program did rise to around 80% while men...

Animal Movement and Remote Sensing course

Animal Movement and Remote Sensing course

  How do animals move through the environment they live in? Which behavioural patterns can be observed when tracking an animals' movements for weeks, months or even years? Which spaces do they utilize and why? And how can remote sensing be used to predict the...

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