Our Lecturers


Stefan Dech

remote sensing

(chairholder at Würzburg University and director of the DLR-DFD)

Claudia Kuenzer

land surface dynamics

Tobias Ullmann

hydrography, archaeology

Hannes Taubenböck

urban mapping

Martin Wegmann

remote sensing in ecology and conservation

(coordinator of EAGLE)

Hartwig E. Frimmel

geology, mineralogy, mineral resources, exploration
(chairholder at University of Würzburg, Dean of Student Affairs)


Celia Baumhoer

cold region remote sensing

Doris Klein

Doris Klein

landsurface remote sensing

Sarah Schoenbrodt-Stitt

agricultural remote sensing

Hooman Latifi

Hooman Latifi

remote sensing for forestry

Christian Geiss

natural hazard risk research

Michael Thiel

Michael Thiel

remote sensing for urban and agriculture

Helga Kuechly


Henry Debray

urban remote sensing

Jakob Schwalb-Willmann

animal movement-environment interaction

Richard Rodriguez

urban remote sensing

Elisabeth Schöpfer

human-environment interaction

Direct Communication

The EAGLE MSc study program has small classes and you will have the opportunity to discuss Earth Observation with lecturer from the University as well as the German Aerospace Centre.

Innovative Ideas

We support your innovative ideas and will lead you to think outside the box. Innovative ideas can be pursued in our Innovation Laboratory.

Advanced Technology

We provide access to newest Earth Observation data, methods and approaches while focusing on its application for defined environmental challenges.

Sophisticated Techniques

All our lecturer will provide you with the newest advances in Earth Observation techniques, software and solutions.

lecturers with diverse research areas

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