On Monday 17th of January at 9am we will have the following presentations:

  • Luisa Pflumm (MSc. idea presentation): “Assess silver-backed chevrotaindistribution in Nui Chua NP (Vietnam).”, supervisors: Insa Otte, Andreas Wilting (IZW)

  • Christopher Chan (Msc. idea presentation): “An investigation into the feasibility of a building segmentation model for the refugee camps of East Africa.” supervisors: Hannes Taubenböck

  • Caroline Busse (internship): “Classifying the Plastic Leakage Risk of Landfills in Vietnam” with WWF Germany

  • Christopher Chan (Innovation Lab): “It all started with a slack message – A journey to the frontiers of Open Science and humanitarianism” supervisor: Matthias Weigand, Hannes Taubenböck


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