on Friday 18th of February at 9am we will have the following presentations:


  • Jakob Rieser – Thesis Idea: “A Synergistic Use of Optical and SAR Remote Sensing Data for the Long-term Evolution of Biocrusts and their Activity across diverse Dryland Ecosystems”. Supervisors: Sarah Schönbrodt-Stitt and Tobias Ullmann
  • Katrin Wernicke – Internship: “Refugee Camps: Machine Learning approach to detect boundaries (internship at DLR)”
  • Ása Dögg Adalsteinsdottir – Internship: “Internship at DLR: Remote Sensing and 3D Analysis in the field of Natural Disasters and Civil Security”.
  • Vanessa Rittlinger – Internship: “Internship at DLR: How Remote Sensing and Social Media Data can support Natural Hazards and Humanitarian Crisis”.
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