On Thursday 24th of September from 10am onwards we will have a range of presentations covering a MSc idea presentation

  • Patrick Sogno on “Earth Observation for Exposome Mapping – Proof of Concept and Case Study in Augsburg, Germany”

followed by various internship presentations:

  • Tawhid: “Experiences and Learnings from United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)”
  • Diego: “Internship at DLR – Corona edition”
  • Magdalena: “Soil type mapping by using extracted soil spectra from Sentinel-2 data”
  • Florian: “Implementation of drone based surveying methods to create point clouds and plans for a communal graveyard”
  • Basil: “Detection and monitoring of Tailings Dam’s beach width”

as well as three innovation lab presentations:

  • Magdalena: “Classification and change detection: different methods for a wide range of applications”
  • Florian: “Wild plant mixture in agriculture – biomass production for enhancing biodiversity and preventing erosion?”