On Monday, Dec. 7th at 10am, various internships, innovation labs and M.Sc. ideas will be presented: 


  • Malin Fischer: EO and spatial data analysis for rural village assessment – example from the electrification sector (Internship)
  • Henrik Fisser: Road traffic trace gas emission derivation based on Sentinel-2 moving truck detection (Thesis Idea)
  • Martin König: Internship at DLR-EOC on georisks and hazards (Internship)
  • Frederic Schwarzenbacher: Getting to know remote sensing solutions for monitoring and predicting Desert Locust + other tasks at DLR-DFD (Internship)
  • Frederic Schwarzenbacher: Detection of vegetation change in (semi-) arid areas and Ecological Niche Modelling for Desert Locust in East Africa (InnoLab)
  • Frederic Schwarzenbacher: Habitat Suitability Mapping for Desert Locust in East Africa and Development of an Outbreak Prediction Routine (Thesis Idea)
  • Basil Tufail Monitoring the Displacement of an Active Tailings Dam in Peru using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PS-InSAR) (Thesis Idea)