On Monday, Dec. 14th at 10am, we have another set of internship, innovation lab and MSc. thesis idea presentations:


  • Sandro Groth: Multitask Deep Learning and Google Street View: Assessing seismic building vulnerability in Santiago de Chile (Internship)
  • Magdalena Halbgewachs  Deforestation and forest fragmentation in Mato Grosso, Brazil (Thesis Idea)
  • Martin König Planning, coordinating and executing a field campaign in Olympic National Park during a global pandemic (InnoLab)
  • Martin König Examining post-fire vegetation recovery with Landsat time series analysis in Olympic National Park (Thesis Idea)
  • Ronja Lappe Automatic shoreline detection using the GEE Python API (InnoLab)
  • Ronja Lappe Analyzing coastline dynamics in Vietnam using a 30-years Landsat time series (Thesis Idea)
  • Belén Villacis  Spatial-temporak patterns of urban expansion among main biomes in Ecuador using LULC data from 1990-2018 (Thesis Idea)
  • Haiyin Ye Polar region data search and preparation (Internship)