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location of the EAGLE MSc study program at the university of Wuerzburg

Wuerzburg city


The city of Wuerzburg (or in correct german: Würzburg) is located in northern Bavaria at the river “Main” and is close to Frankfurt am Main (approx. 1h with the train to the international airport) and Munich (approx. 2 hours). It has roughly 120.000 inhabitants and is located in the Frankonian landscape known for its wine and beer, as well as for sports, such as the “Frankonian Alps” for climbing, paddling or hiking.

Location of Wuerzburg within Europe

Wuerzburg is quite old and has still some nice old buildings such as the castle and residence which are good for sundowner, concerts or just for a nice walk. You can also spend time along the river which is quite popular in the summer among students and others for BBQ, games or swimming. You can also cylce up- or downstream for a few hundred kilometers or hike through the wineyards and forest of Frankonia up to Bamberg or beyond. There are plenty of options for spending some nice days in the surrounding of Wuerzburg. And Wuerzburg is located quite central within Europe and a weekend trip to Munich, Berlin, Prag or Paris is easily done. Moreover, nighttrains are leaving from Munich to e.g. Rome or Venice nearly every day if you like to spend a long weekend traveling.

With the Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) you can easily travel through whole of Germany and also cross border to all other european countries. The closest international airports are Frankfurt Main, Nürnberg and Munich (can be reached within 1-2 hours using the train).

Read more about Wuerzburg on Wikipedia or on the offical webpage of the city if you like.

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