Earth Observation for Conservation - a NGO perspective


Helga Kuechly





Within this course we aim to discuss and develop a knowledge platform, using existing remote sensing tools and products, to enable conservation impact in cooperation with experts from WWF Germany.


In this seminar we want to tackle the questions how remote sensing-derived products can support conservation and sustainable, equitable development and help NGOs to better monitor, understand and evaluate the effectiveness of their work. As WWF Germany we want to stop the worldwide destruction of nature and the environment and shape a future, in which humans and nature live in harmony with each other. Spatial biodiversity and environmental data availability are growing rapidly and provide a remarkable opportunity for NGOs. However, direct use of EO based information is currently still limited. Expert knowledge is needed to find, evaluate, and correctly apply the RS products. Experts from our practices will join the seminar outlining their current needs, concerns and challenges. Using their requirements, we will review existing remote sensing products, services and research methodologies and discuss potential applications, pitfalls, and limitations. Each team of students will work on one thematic to pic. The output of this seminar will be an interactive short info sheets prepared by each team for non-experts publicly available on as an ESRI ArcGIS online story map and map apps with suitable data via GLOBIL.


Coding examples and individual work will be covered


Various software programs will be used, but mainly OpenSource software such as R.


Different techniques will be introduced and practically applied.



The content of scientific with regard to the audience will be discussed.

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