4th semester

M.Sc. thesis

The M.Sc. thesis is an independent research project ideally publishable after submission. The thesis aim, content as methods are developed by the student and supervised by an EAGLE lecturer which can be chosen by the student. After handing in the thesis a defense of the M.Sc. thesis is required. The presentation should take approx. 30 minutes and questions by the whole audience can be asked for a maximum of another 20-30 minutes. The final colloquium aims to present the aim and results of the M.Sc. thesis to a scientific audience (EAGLE lecturer and students) who are all allowed to ask questions and discuss the outcome critically. The presentation ought to follow scientific standards and ought to comply to scientific legal specification (e.g. citations, no plagiarism).

News on MSc thesis presentations and announcements:

Sarah Nolting defended her M.Sc.

Congratulation to Sarah Nolting for successfully defending her M.Sc. thesis! Another interesting EAGLE M.Sc. thesis presented on flood risks and populations in urban environments.

M.Sc. defense of Sarah Nolting

Sarah Nolting will defend her M.Sc. thesis "Risk Assessment for Flood Events based on Geo- and Socioeconomic Data – A Case Study for North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany" on Wednesday 27th 2pm in room 0.004 OKW 86. from her abstract: "The world’s population has doubled...

M.Sc. defense by Johannes Löw

You are all invited to join the M.Sc. presentation by Johannes Löw. He will defend his M.Sc. thesis on Wednesday 20th of March at 2pm in room 0.004 in OKW 86. from his abstract:Since Sentinel-1 A and B have become fully operational, it is now possible to generate...

Pilar Endara Pinillos handed in her M.Sc. thesis

Pilar Endara Pinillos handed in her M.Sc. thesis "Flooding patterns and vegetation developments in the Orinoco flooded savannas of Colombia." Her M.Sc. defense will be on Wednesday 13th at 2pm in room 0.004 (OKW 86). The ecosystems that are present within Colombian...

Marcus Groll successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis

we congratulate Marcus Groll for his successful defense of this M.Sc. presentation “Deep learning for Instance Segmentation of bomb craters on historical aerial images of the Second World War ”. He has only a few days off before starting his new job as image data...

M.Sc. thesis handed in by Marcus Groll

Marcus Groll handed in his M.Sc. thesis "Deep learning for Instance Segmentation of bomb craters on historical aerial images of the Second World War " and will defend it next week. Abstract: During the Second World War (WWII) many air strikes were flown on German...

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