On Thursday, May 23rd, we will have a range of very interesting internship, innovation lab and M.Sc. idea presentations (10 am, OKW 86, room 0.004):

Sebastian Buchelt (Internship Presentation):
“Assessment of classification algorithms on the example of sea ice – why you should use R instead of ENVI”

Benjamin Lee (Innovation Lab Presentation):
“Comparison of two Sentinel-1 time-series smoothing methods for forest temporal heterogeneity”

Marius Philipp (Innovation Lab Presentation):
“Synergistic use of satellite remote sensing and terrestrial LiDAR data for fire severity mapping in tropical savanna landscapes.”

Marius Philipp (M.Sc. Thesis Topic Presentation):
“Potential of harmonic analysis using remote sensing data for studying the effects of climate change induced weather extreme events on forest ecosystems”