Michael Thiel

urban & agriculture remote sensing


Michaels focus is on remote sensing of agriculture areas as well as Urban/Settlement environments in different semi arid Regions. Technically he is specialized in image analysis with eCognition (object based), ENVI/IDL, ArcGIS and develops his skills in R, QGIS and IDRISI.


University of Wuerzburg

Dept. of Remote Sensing

email: michael.thiel@uni-wuerzburg.de

phone: +49 (0)931 31 84690

Recent News

M.Sc. defense by Bharath Selvaraj

Bharath Selvaraj will defend his M.Sc. thesis on August 8th at 10am in room 0.004. From the abstract of his thesis: "Over the centuries, humanity made immeasurable progress in both technological innovation and medicine. This progress comes at the cost of environmental...

EAGLE Summer Dialogue 2019

Our 2019 EAGLE Summer Dialogue was a great success again and thanks a lot to all our EAGLE students who organised it. More than 100 participants enjoyed talks by Sandra Lohberger (RSS GmbH) and Alfred Schumm (WWF) who covered beside the technical aspects of their work...

Internship and Innovation Lab presentations

on Monday 15th of July at 10 a.m. in room 0.009 (OKW 86) we will have another series of internship and innovation lab presentations plus on M.Sc. idea presentation:   (Internship) Marius Philipp -- "Mono Delta Monitoring System (MODES)" (Internship) Silvan...

textbooks on remote sensing

Our already published textbook on "Remote Sensing and GIS for Ecologists - using Open Source software" was very well perceived and we got very positive feedback. However, either an introduction or more advanced methods and data was asked for as well. Hence, we decided...

EAGLE summer dialogue 2019

Our next EAGLE summer dialogue to bring together all EAGLE students and lecturer, staff of our department and all colleagues from close and far away is slowly approaching. On June 28th we welcome again everybody to join us for the EAGLE summer event with two keynotes:...

Internship and MSc presentations

On Thursday, May 23rd, we will have a range of very interesting internship, innovation lab and M.Sc. idea presentations (10 am, OKW 86, room 0.004): Sebastian Buchelt (Internship Presentation): "Assessment of classification algorithms on the example of sea ice - why...

M.Sc. defense by Julia Sauerbrey

Julia Sauerbrey will defend her M.Sc. "Integration of SAR and Optical Satellite Imagery: Time-Series Analysis of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Imagery for Detection of Active Morphodynamics: A Case Study in the Atacama Desert, Chile" on Thursday 9th of May at 10am in room...

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