On Tuesday, 24th at 2pm Louis Freytag-Loringhoven will present his M.Sc. thesis “Remote sensing of water quality using Sentinel-2 towards a potential separation of Cyanobacteria blooms from other Algae.”

from the abstract: Globally, the over-enrichment of nutrients associated with urban, agricultural and industrial development as well as global warming, favor the abundance and dominance of harmful cyanobacterial blooms (CHBs) (Clark et al., 2017).

Mapping cyanobacterial blooms and Algae (diatoms, green algae) from space has become a widespread approach. Known as patchy and briefly occurring the high spatial extent and temporal variability compared to traditional ship/ buoy surveys are known as convenient. Since the spectral resolution of S2 is not designed to map and quantify Cyanobacteria, this study applied the Mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) as a texture index, based on spectral indices for chlorophyll-a (chl-a) to tests if the higher spatial resolution can be used to quantify the for Cyanobacteria typical spatial structures.

This study aims to investigate if textural features like strong gradients of neighboring pixels can be used to distinguish harmful blooms like Cyanobacteria from Algae.

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