Karsten Wiertz will present his M.Sc. thesis on Wednesday 14th at 11am in room 0.004 KW 86 with the title “Development of a semi-automatic remote sensing approach for change- detection of forest structures in Bialowieza Forest.” From the abstract:¬†The diversity of spatial structures in forests constitute an important factor for ecological processes and biodiversity. Therefore, the knowledge about the spatial distribution of forest structures is of high value for biodiversity studies. In recent years, object-based methods for the detection of forest parameters based on very high-resolution optical data have received increasing attention while seeing some methodological improvements. However, the challenge remains to define optimal parameters and produce objective and reproducible results. This study provides a way to extend the object-based method by comparing and selecting different segmentation results, attributes and classifiers. These options can be integrated into the GEOBIA framework and further extended by other options such as class structures and sample size.

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