Spatial Python for Remote Sensing


Stephen Hill





In this course we will elaborate large and complex workflows dealing with the analysis and handling of big data using Python. Moreover, we will try to develop a fully automated processing chain in Python for landcover mapping starting with the download of Landsat data, preprocessing, classification and building up a spatial database that enables GIS functionality over large datasets for further analysis.



We will start with the basics of Python programming language and quickly evolve towards image processing techniques with packages such as scipy, numpy, scikit-learn, scikit-image and gdal. We will also focus on arcpy for ESRI software products which allows for a convenient and powerful automatization of spatial analysis functions.


General Course News and Updates

inno lab and MSc idea presentation

inno lab and MSc idea presentation

Next Tuesday, April 27th, at 10am the following EAGLE students will present their Innovation Laboratory work and their MSc thesis idea: Sandro Groth: "PortalAdminTools: A Python-based programming interface for Esri Enterprise infrastructures" (InnoLab with ESRI)Sandro...

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