Our EAGLE 2016 students visited the DLR-EOC last Friday and got a very good overview of the work done by the scientists at DLR. Many different topics were covered and nearly all applications of applied earth observation research done at DLR-EOC were presented.


  • Welcome and DLR overview
    Doris Klein
  • Forest Cover Loss in Paraguay and Ecosystem Service Approaches
    Emmanuel Da Ponte
  • Mapping natural resources using imaging spectroscopy
    Stefanie Holzwarth
  • German Space Operations Center (GSOC)
  • Remote sensing for the support of humanitarian aid
    Konstanze Lechner
  • Center for Satellite Based Crisis Information (ZKI)
    Alexander Mager
  • Earth observation with SAR
    Birgit Wessel
  • The century of the cities – Monitoring the transformation of the global urban environment using EO-data
    Hannes Taubenböck
  • Movement and behavior modes of white storks in relation to settlement patterns and structures
    Ines Standfuss
  • Air pollution in megacities
    Thilo Erbertseder