EAGLE News and Updates

First EAGLE Midsummer Dialogue

Beside participants from the University of Wuerzburg and the DLR, also many colleagues from companies and a variety of national and international research institutions joined this event. The midsummer dialogue was organized by the EAGLE students. The students were...

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application deadline in 7 days

The application deadline for the upcoming winter term is approaching. Apply within the next 7 days here: http://eagle-science.org/apply - application deadline is May 15th, further details about needed documents are listed on the application page. Learn within EAGLE...

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MSc topic on wetland modeling

M.Sc thesis (+ a two-month internship): Agent-based modeling to understand Mediterranean wetland (former saltworks) dynamic based on multiple remote sensing data The Camargue’s former saltworks is a 6500-ha site located at the Mediterranean coast in southern France....

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EAGLE news on DLR website

Our young EAGLEs are covered by the DLR news section! The news article covers the background of the EAGLE M.Sc. program and welcomes our new students. Great to see that our colleagues at DLR are looking forward to meet the new EAGLEs and are eager to have them as...

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EAGLE 2016 welcome

On Monday 17th of October we welcomed our new EAGLE students. The EAGLEs in 2016 are from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Columbia, Egypt, India, Iran, Pakistan, Sweden and Germany. After the official welcome by all lecturer and the study program coordinator Christopher Conrad and the head of the remote sensing department and director of the DLR-DFD, Stefan Dech,

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