Claudia Kuenzer

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Claudia received her PhD in remote sensing from Vienna University of Technology in 2005 and is head of the department ‘Land Surface Dynamics’ at the German Earth Observation Center, EOC of the German Aerospace Center, DLR. The currently over 50 scientists of this department are involved in earth observation data analyses, monitoring dynamic processes of urban environments, forest ecosystems, agro-ecosystems, and the cryosphere; amongst others. The department contributes to over 30 third party funded remote sensing projects in different locations globally.

Claudias personal interest over the past years is on densely populated as well as natural coastal environments and river deltas. Claudia has coordinated (2008-2014) the German-Vietnamese WISDOM Project (Water related Information System for the sustainable Development of the Mekong Delta), the BMBF – MOST-CN funded DELIGHT Project (Delta Information System for Geoenvironmental and Human Habitat Transition in the Yellow River Delta, China), and has contributed and contributes to numerous other projects such as DeltaAdapt (BMBF), Sustainable DELTAS (Belmont Forum, DFG), PARLU (WWF, BMU), RCEIS (HGF), DONGTING (IB), RICEMAN (IB), CAWA (AA), DRAGON-4 and Carbon (KARI).

Claudia frequently lectures and has lectured for the Universities of Wuerzburg, Germany, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS, the Vietnamese Academy of Sciences, VAST, and the European Space Agency, ESA. Claudia furthermore had a Visiting Professorship of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS, from 2012 to 2016 at the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, RADI-CAS, in Beijing, China. Claudia is head of the EARSeL Special Interest Group on Thermal Remote Sensing, and a Scientific Steering Committee member of Future Earth Coasts. She has authored and co-authored > 120 SCI journal papers, > 40 book chapters, and > 150 conference contributions, and has published three books with Springer. Claudia is Associate Editor of the International Journal of Remote Sensing, member of the Editorial Board of the journal Remote Sensing, and acts as a reviewer for 15 SCI journals from the field of remote sensing, environmental sciences, and geophysics. Next to applied remote sensing especially in the context of land use management and integrated water resources management, her current main research interest is on time series analyses, as well as on the linkage of natural and social sciences.



Prof. Dr. Claudia Kuenzer
Department of Remote Sensing, Univ. Wuerzburg

head of DLR-DFD LAX


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