EAGLE Courses

Mandatory course

mandatory courses in the 1st and 2nd semester cover basic skills for Earth Observation research

Applications of Earth Observation

the application courses offer a more in-depth study of various Earth Observation applications:

Advanced Methods and Modeling

these courses aim to deepen you knowledge in methods for the application of Earth Observation:

Resource and Environment

courses to learn about Resources and Environment in Environmental Research

Soft Skills

courses to learn about scientific writing, presentation, project management and other topics relevant for Earth Observation research:

Exemplary course syllabus for different focus areas

some suggestions for optional courses for different focus areas are listed on the EAGLE specialization page

Recent News

Learn about EAGLE updates and general news

Internship and Inno Lab Presentations

Internship and Inno Lab Presentations

On Tuesday, 31st of January at 13 p.m. we will have the following presentations: Moritz Roesch: Spectral compositing for mapping bare soil areas and soil organic carbon estimation in Germany - Internship at RSS GmbH Lallu Nikerthil Prathapan: Landuse/ building type...

MSc defense and Inno-Lab presentations

MSc defense and Inno-Lab presentations

On Tuesday 20th of December at 12am we will have various presentations MSc defense by Kevin Yomi on "Evaluation wildfire activity in conflict-affected areas using earth observation and panel regression models: a case study of Borno State, Nigera, from 2003-2020"   In...



After a long break due to covid we resumed the EAGLE visit of DLR EOC. Many EAGLEs from the current generation and quite some of the past (covid) generations joined this event and listened to many talks by DLR researchers. Some of the presenters were even former...

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